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Extension Activities  - Differentiation x12

Extension Activities - Differentiation x12

FREE Set of Extension activities to stretch and challenge the most able students in the classroom. I use these for humanities subjects but could easily be used across the curriculum. My students love being able to just pick up and grab a task. Other popular Resources of mine include - See Below.. Free Careers Student Passport Careers and Enterprise Drop Down Days Educational UCAS and Careers Quiz Simple Introduction to Careers Unit Fast Food and Healthy Eating Quiz These resources work well with my other popular GCSE Citizenship Resources… Citizenship GCSE assessment Bundle 9-1 NEW GCSE New GCSE Citizenship 9-1 Government and Politics Unit New GCSE Citizenship 9-1 British constitution and Politics Unit New GCSE Citizenship 9-1 Rights and Responsibilities Unit Community and Multicultural Britain NATO, WTO and the Commonwealth
Binary to Ascii Christmas Crackers

Binary to Ascii Christmas Crackers

Two worksheets for reviewing the concepts of binary and ASCII. Students find the punchlines to cheesy cracker jokes by converting the binary numbers to decimal then to their ASCII character.