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M1 ALevel summary for CCEA

M1 ALevel summary for CCEA

"cheat sheet" covering all M1 topics for CCEA ALevel. Use for revision classes/exercises as a guide or as a comfort blanket for a class test.

By woodsam

Kinematics with Vectors

Kinematics with Vectors

A couple of tough A level Maths questions on the topic of Kinematics. They address the fact that this specific style of question on this topic is not particularly well catered for in many texts. Certainly appropriate for module Mechanics 1 with AQA.

By mchadder

Kinematics consolidation game - Space Race

Kinematics consolidation game - Space Race

I like to play games with the students for consolidation lessons. This one is intended to consolidate learning on Kinematics (plus a bit of Core 1) through group work. All questions have been adapted to match the theme and split into different stages of rocket testing. The aim of the game is for the team to build the highest tower - each correct answer submitted wins a flag block for the team, to be collected by dragging from the side of the Notebook file to the ground. The teacher needs only check the answer against the provided solutions, though may provide hints if teams submit a 'help token' (these aren't completely necessary to the game but provide an extra incentive for student discussion on difficult points). I tend to print help tokens on coloured card to make it more fun (colour = fun). I had some music attached to make it a bit more interesting but it was too large to upload - Star Wars music throughout works well and is apt now with the renewed interest in the franchise. I have made other forms of this game based around other themes (including holidays - Christmas, Easter), any of which can be applied to any topic. I will upload others at some point. Please comment and leave a rating if you download. I would appreciate any feedback. Let me know if there's anything unclear, as I am aware there is quite a bit in there. (I promise, they do like it!)

By Galois314