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Half Term Year 6 Homework  - A SATs Based Booklet for Revision

Half Term Year 6 Homework - A SATs Based Booklet for Revision

This is a booklet aimed at keeping the children academically active over half term. Designed by a year 6 teacher, Assistant head and maths coordinator (90% + in all areas of SATs in 2017). It includes five days worth of activities that cover: Maths Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Reading Comprehension It is designed with SATs in mind and give the children 30 minutes of learning to do each day. Each day has a range of activities which are linked to the new curriculum. This booklet took many hours to put together and has been proof read. Please Review.
Basic skills maths starters  Level 1 of 6:  Turing

Basic skills maths starters Level 1 of 6: Turing

This is the first of 6 levels in a pack which could be used for numeracy across the curriculum or in y7 maths lessons. Students complete regular short starters in key topics. These starters are written in Excel and will produce a new set of questions including answers every time it is opened. At the end of each half term students complete a test and win a badge if they pass. The aim is to win all six badges-one per half term. Included in this pack is all the starters, tests with answers and the badge designs. Each badge is named after a famous mathematician.
Bumper Year 2 Christmas Activity Bundle

Bumper Year 2 Christmas Activity Bundle

Keep your year 2s busy throughout December with this collection of comprehensions, maths activities, SPaG activities, and interactive advent calendars, all with a Christmas theme. Worth over £50 if bought individually! Included in the bundle are: Christmas Maths Problems Christmas SPaG packs x 2 Comprehensions x 10 Interactive Advent calendars x 2 - maths, jokes Interactive Christmas Quiz General KS1 Activity Booklet All resources also available individually or as part of a smaller bundle.
Mountainous Maths Lesson

Mountainous Maths Lesson

Simple maths lesson used when learning about mountaineering as part of my PYP Unit on Exploration. The questions challenge all and include questions that practice many different maths skills: Comparison and ordering of 4-digit numbers Adding two 4-digit numbers together Adding five 2-digit numbers together Subtracting 4-digit numbers from one another Finding averages (using a calculator) As an extension I had the children round numbers to the nearest 100m and 1000m.
Subtraction of Integers

Subtraction of Integers

Helping students see the different scenarios of subtracting integers with this 100-item worksheet. The integers being subtracted are grouped for a purpose.
FULL LESSON Negative numbers

FULL LESSON Negative numbers

Packed session on introducting negative numbers. Activities on addition and subtraction and how to use a number line. How can negative numbers appear in real life and personal budgeting actvities relating to bank accounts.