Thoughts such as, what does honesty mean, what it is all about and what its different facets are, may enable the facilitator understand it better. Some such thoughts about honesty are given below.
1. Honesty is being factual, fair, straightforward, sincere and truthful to oneself and to others, in thoughts, words and deeds.
(The objective of the facilitation process is to help each participant explore the topic for himself, individually and independently. Following are some of the objectives of the session.)
1. To understand what is honesty
2. To explore whether one needs to be honest in all circumstances
3. To explore whether one could be honest in all circumstances
4. To analyse whether honesty impacts people, situations
5. To analyse whether honesty impacts outcomes
(These are some leading questions that the facilitator may contemplate on for understanding and connecting with the topic.)
1. What is honesty?
2. Does one need to be honest in all circumstances? Why?
3. Can one be honest in all circumstances? How?
4. Does honesty impact people, situations? If yes, how?
5. Does honesty impact outcome? If yes, how?


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