Urban trees & trunks in Amsterdam city

Urban trees & trunks in Amsterdam - how city trees , in pictures
Here you will find free photos of urban trees & trunks in Amsterdam, the green city I live in. The pictures show the city-trees with their very characteristic roots, trunks, branches, bark and leaves. Everything of the tree gets influenced of course by the city environment of ground, humidity, air, light etc. They have to adapt and so they become teal urban trees. Together the photos present you a visual story about the miracle how trees manage to survive in an urban city. Urban trees become so a part of biology.

Every pupil or student can discover the trees typical ways of surviving, just by looking and discovering all the details they show us - the traces in their bark, the way branches grow to catch the necessary light, how roots spread themselves in the ground. It has become during the years a reral piece of urban nature what we can see!
Trees and plants are so important for us people - to be able to live healthy in our cities. We need their company in our urban life. And they need us to take care for.

I placed my urban tree photos also on https://unsplash.com/@fonsheijnsbroek51; they are also free to download there for verybody and t use them freely. - Fons Heijnsbroek


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