This is a game that you can use with your whole class to encourage positive behaviour choices. Pupils work in teams to move their boat along the river and earn rewards for their positive actions. For more, please visit my blog at If you like my resources, please leave me a rating or comment! Thanks :)


  • boats.pdf
  • our_rules.pdf
  • progress_signs.pdf
  • all aboard lesson plan.pdf
  • game board print one.pdf

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    Another creative idea to add to the repertoire. Thank you.

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    user avatarmallapua year agoreport

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    user avatarLessie2 years agoreport

    This is great to involve the whole class in positive behaviour, thank you, I will share it with our teachers.

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    Wonderful idea. Fun too! Thank you.

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    Thank you for sharing your resource. This resource has been recommended for teachers by the TES Resource Team.