Anti Bullying & Conflict Resolution Lesson Plans & Resources

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Suitable for Key Stage 2 or lower Key Stage 3, two lesson plans with accompanying resources to explore children’s understanding of bullying, differentiate between bullying and conflict and explore the role of the bystander.

  • Anti Bullying & Conflict - Lesson plan 1.doc
  • Anti Bullying & Conflict - Lesson plan 2.doc
  • Bullying label cards.doc
  • Bullying VS relational conflict.doc
  • bystander labels.doc
  • Bystander photo.doc
  • Photos - victims, bullys, bystanders.doc
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Anti Bullying & Conflict - Lesson plan 1

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Anti Bullying & Conflict - Lesson plan 2

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Bullying label cards

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Bullying VS relational conflict

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bystander labels

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Bystander photo

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Photos - victims, bullys, bystanders

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CreatedMar 31, 2009
UpdatedNov 28, 2013

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    user avataryma80012 days agoReport

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    user avatarelfinqueena month agoReport

    Thank you this will help with a Y7 social skills group - I can't see the conflict labels though

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    user avatarhelensimms4 months agoReport

    very seful for my 6th form SEN group

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    user avatarlightstar4 months agoReport

    A fab resource for my Year 5 class to use during anti-bullying week, Thanks :)

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    user avatarsuemiller5 months agoReport

    Really useful for a supply lesson. Can't see the Conflict labels though - these would be really useful to help pupils identify the differences and links between bullying and conflict.