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Exam PREP 2013-1

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CreatedMar 25, 2013
UpdatedJun 4, 2013

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    user avatargraf_vix4 years agoReport

    Well presented resource, thank you!

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    user avatarjamworkman4 years agoReport

    Excellent!Thanks a great starting point

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    This is a great PowerPoint. However I'm concerned if this is the right context. I too thought it would be POP packaging but if you look on Technology student and research 'packaging used to promote products' it does discuss graphic, QR codes and to me seems to be discussing the type of graphics and technologies used to promote a product. I'm not sure which is correct, so I'm going to discuss both with my students. I have tried to contact AQA to see if they could clarify this but so far I have had no Joy.

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    thanks for sharing, saved me a lot of time a truly wonderful resource.

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