Cold War Timeline Project- great assignment!
Timeline Project

Directions: You will be creating a timeline of some of the important events of the Cold War. Put the events in the order in which they happened and write the date next to the event on the timeline. You have an opportunity to be creative with this project; you can use construction paper, markers, pictures from magazines, etc.

Timeline: You will have one class period to complete this project. This will count as your first Quiz Grade of the 4th Quarter.


Yalta Conference: Feb. 4–11, 1945
Potsdam Conference: July - August 1945
The Nuremberg Trials: November 1945
Truman Doctrine: 1947
Marshal Plan: 1947/48
Berlin Blockade: June 1948 to May 1949
Berlin Airlift: June 24, 1948 to May 12, 1949
NATO’s formation: April 1949
Warsaw Pact: 1955
China’s Communist Revolution: 1945-1949
The Korean War: 1950-1953
United Nations: established October 24, 1945
Launch of Sputnik: 1957
Cuban Missile Crisis: 1962
Moon landing: 1969
Collapse of Berlin Wall: 1989
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