Connectives sorted by function.

Last year my class found it very hard to distinguish between types of connective and used them all in the same way - to join phrases/clauses. Punctuation was also not secure when using them. This year I am teaching them by function: coordinating conjunctions{ red} subordinating connectives (green) and Adverbial Connectives (blue) On the reverse are sentences showing the purpose and punctuation for each type for children to refer to. Topics also included are: word work; sentence structure and punctuation.


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  • Thank you for sharing. Very user friendly for my year 7.

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    I love how this emphasises to children the difference between co-ordinating conjunctions, subordinating conjunctions and connecting adverbs, in a simple and easy to use way. I'm looking forward to using this with my Y6 class in September. Thanks.

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    Personally I find the whole triangle thing dull and off-putting-it is not going in my class.

  • simple but effective. Easy to read resource. Thanks