Dear Zoo literacy activities

Four literacy resources linked to Dear ZOO Container Label: Add the animal’s name that is in the box, Stick on animal. Either print and laminate, cut out and velcrom and use as a matchinf game or photocopy for cut and paste or writing activity. Letter to the zoo grid. Dear Zoo book: Children fill in correct animal name and description (simple and complex) Cut pages in half and make into book. You may want to blow this up on the photocopier to make the space to write in bigger!


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    Excellent resources! I used it with K1 (5 yo)and K2 (6 yo) as a class and during focused language support in reading for a small group of 3-5 K2 children. They were really excited to be able to put the names and pictures onto the container boxes.

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    Yr 1 Cover

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    Nice and simple. Thank you for sharing.