Differentiated Nonfiction Unit: Squirrels
The text in this set is designed for higher first graders through third graders. Two levels of the text are included.

This unit includes:
- squirrel text in two levels, both are included in color and black & white
- short-answer comprehension questions
- compare and contrast squirrel with other animal
- squirrels can, have, are (with and without handwriting lines)
- squirrel web
- KWL chart
- create your own questions
- main idea and details
- fact and opinion
- four facts (write four facts about squirrels)
- flapbook (with flaps for physical characteristics, habitat, diet, babies, and interesting facts)
- Label a squirrel (with and without a word bank)
- squirrel adaptations
- draw and label a habitat
- true or false statements
- Squirrels in the backyard? writing
- squirrel writing paper
- word search
- list of additional nonfiction resources



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Created: Jun 4, 2017

Updated: Feb 22, 2018


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