Differentiation in science

A PGCE workshop I gave looking at differentiation in Science. Could easily be adapted for departmental CPD.


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  • bbssci8 months agoReport

  • Great starting point! Is there anything regarding differentiation in Primary Science?

  • Cocteau112 years agoReport

    Excellent INSET powerpoint. Thanks for sharing.

  • I work in a new-ish school in NZ where we group and differentiate school-wide. I am laminating the question sheet to keep with me as prompts for my teacher rotations. This is going to be my mainstay for the second term as last year I found the differentiation worked amazingly and kept most of the discipline problems away. I love the examples too - I'm going to have to rewrite a few of my old instruction sheets now I've seen what the gold standard looks like! Great job.

  • kramster3 years agoReport

    Fantastic resource. I do not teach in the UK but found this great. Thanks