Edexcel IGCSE poetry notes

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Notes on Disabled, Refugee Blues, out, out-, Electricity comes to cocoa bottom and An unknown girl for the prepared poetry element of Edexdel IGCSE/certificate English language Anthology B. Use as you wish. Opinions are mine and do not guarantee success! More on jwpblog.wordpress.com feel free to browse.

  • poems for the anthology.pdf
  • remember revision lesson.pptx
  • Compare the depiction of love.pptx
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poems for the anthology

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remember revision lesson

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Compare the depiction of love

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CreatedJun 7, 2012
UpdatedApr 21, 2014

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    user avatarMalemba7 months agoReport

    So helpful ..Thanks so so much.

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    user avatarSusieQ32 years agoReport

    So helpful thank so much!

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    user avatarsableye832 years agoReport

    I found this incredibly helpful; there are lots of memorable comments and phrases!

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    user avatarsylviaisc2 years agoReport

    Extremely helpful, thank you

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    user avatarshahniz2 years agoReport

    Very helpful with innovative ideas for pedagogical use-Appreciated very much for all the tips

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