ELGs and Year 1 objectives

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A dull but (hopefully) useful document where I have listed Reception ELGs alongside Year 1 objectives. This helps me to have a quick reference point when planning for my mixed R/1 class.

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Mixed R1 ELGs and objectives

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CreatedAug 9, 2010
UpdatedSep 25, 2014

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    user avatarreb9992 years agoReport

    The Reception areas of learning and strands appear to be that of the old Development Matters. For example, CD and PSRN are now EAD and Mathematics.

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    user avatarsunpookie2 years agoReport

    Thank you so much. :-)

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    user avatarpepethecat2 years agoReport

    Perfect for supporting the transition from EYFS to Y1 for my class in September - many thanks!!

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    user avatarmamakaz2 years agoReport

    Thanks so much. Your generosity will save lots of work.

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    user avatarangdawn2 years agoReport

    Thank you for sharing.