food images to use with the eatwell plate

An A4 page of images of food groups to either laminate or put in a polypocket for prompting food groups when using the EATWELL PLATE. The second one A5 can be colour photocopied and cut (maybe as a homework task) to stick onto a blank plate. A mixture of clips and grabbed images from Google. Use it as you like!


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  • Excellent resources and easily found. Thank you.

  • acarby3 years agoReport

    Thank you for this easy to use resource... great as a prompt and as a work sheet for my lower ability children.

  • minakim5 years agoReport

    very useful images. Thanks for putting them on.

  • kclo806 years agoReport

    Thanks. It saved me having to trawl the internet for the images.

  • thank you so much, a life saver!! very useful with my class of year 8 SEN children!