Planning and resources for a three week unit based on the Harry and His Bucketful of Dinosaurs books. My Year 1/2 class loved this unit and ended by writing some lovely Harry adventures of their own. This unit may have some resources or ideas that could suit children working within EYFS as these stories are so popular. Afraid the notebook files of the books were too large to upload, but taking photos of the pages and running them through notebook worked well. I hope others find this useful.....


  • Literacy plan for week 1.doc
  • Literacy plan for week 2.doc
  • Literacy plan for week 3.doc
  • Dinosaur pictures for literacy lesson 1.ppt
  • Harry picture 1 with speech marks.doc
  • Harry picture 1 without speech marks.doc
  • Harry picture 2 with speech bubbles.doc
  • Harry picture 2 without speech bubbles.doc
  • Picture for speech marks activity.doc
  • Speech bubble activity for whole class - lesson 3.doc
  • Worksheet for lesson 2 - hard group.doc
  • Worksheet for lesson 2 - meduim group.doc
  • literacy worksheet for recording wow words.doc
  • story plan worksheet.doc
  • writing frame for Harry story additional sheets.doc
  • Writing frame for less able.doc
  • writing frame for Harry story.doc

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73 Reviews

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    Thank you for sharing

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    user avatarmaria669 months agoreport

    Great unit, children got a lot from it thanks

  • 5
    user avatarbuckle479 months agoreport

    Brilliant. Thank you for sharing free.

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    user avatarchrisboult10 months agoreport

    Great, thank you. Doing some supply, this is very helpful

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    user avatarweefina year agoreport

    Thank you so much for sharing your planning - I've just moved from Y5/6 to lower KS1 and this has been so helpful.