Two comprehensive plans that cover all the topics and objectives for the WWII themes.


  • what_was_is_like_for_children_in_WWII_medium_term_plan.doc
  • how_has_life_in_Britain_changed_since_1948_medium_term_plan.doc

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    thank you .

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    WWII planning is great. Will save us loads of time at school and will be a great guide for us to use. Thank you!

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    user avatarSylviaIris7 years agoreport

    ww2 planning. Thank you the planning will be very useful.

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    user avatarDaveyone8 years agoreport

    Lest we forget. All this is food for thought!

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    Thank you so much. Thanks for sharing these great plans. Great ideas that have given me a basis to go on with my own plans. Thanks again for sharing.