Four games involving sorting, matching, counting of fruit while trying to feed a group of hungry caterpillars. Many thanks to ‘sheep-tea’ who has already posted an excellent HC game. We’ve borrowed the pictures from this game since ours were black and white and had to be coloured in. Now updated with a set of smaller fruit pictures which fit more easily onto the caterpillars when they are enlarged to A3. The seven fruit page is now added. More games like this can be found on:


  • hungrycaterpillar.pdf

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    user avatarbeekaboo2 months agoreport

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    user avatarultsbeth3 years agoreport

    Wonderful! thank you so much !

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    user avatarbriza3 years agoreport

    Gracias esttoyy pensando en como usarlo en mis clases de español para niños

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    user avatardobelove4 years agoreport

    Can't believe that no one has reviewed! This will take a bit of time to sort and make but it is a fabulous resource that I have uploaded to use for my new class as it should last for years. Many thanks for sharing and updating.

  • user avatarPommyjane5 years agoreport

    Ditto to above comment - had printed off all half size cards and then realised there were no pictures of 7 fruits. Big slip up otherwise lovely idea and all set to go. Please add pictures!