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This package comprises of the following:
1. Powerpoint Lesson Prompts for introducing the subject (for the first three lessons in Beginnings of Relativity);
2. Original hand-drawn handouts summarising the topic;
3. 12,000-word e-novel, An Evening In Wonderland – A Brief Story of Maths, Physics & The Universe.

The Lesson Prompts were designed to contextualise Relativity within the frameworks that students are already familiar with as well as to give them a solid start in Frames of Reference. It contains 26 Powerpoint slides.

By the end of the lessons, students should achieve these Learning Objectives:
1. The seminal work of Galileo and Newton;
2. Galilean relativity: The fundamental laws of physics are the same in all frames of reference moving with constant velocity with respect to one another;
3. Applying Galilean relativity in real life: experiments in an aeroplane and on earth;
4. Deriving Galilean transformation;
5. Newton – revision on the Laws of Motion and Universal Gravitation;
6. The concept of geocentric and heliocentric as illustration for Frames of Reference (FoR);
7. Newton’s Laws and Galilean relativity;
8. A brief tour of what we know about light throughout its history and Maxwell’s work on electromagnetism;
9. Michelson-Morley experiment and the need for a new way of looking at the universe.

The Lesson Prompts are supplemented by an e-novel and hand-drawn handouts summarising the main aspects of the topic (including Special Relativity and General Relativity).


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