Learning Objectives, success criteria and plenary

This pack was created by myself and a colleague as part of an INSET on Outstanding teaching in Sept this year (2010). It includes guidance on setting clear learning objectives and success criteria and planning good plenaries. If it is a bank of plenary ideas that you need, then download the word doc. Hope some of it is useful to you.


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  • To everyone who can't open these: http://express.smarttech.com/# may help or http://smarttech.com/gb/Support/Browse+Support/Download+Software/Software/SMART+Notebook+Interactive+Viewer+software/SMART+Notebook+Interactive+Viewer/SMART+Notebook+Interactive+Viewer+Mac

  • nonononono3 years agoReport

    Agree with other respondent as couldn't open the two Notebook resources. The 'Need help viewing these files?' says one can download free software for viewing. Not quite true as it's a trial which means basically you have to commit to purchase the software.

  • the plenary ideas are great, but I can't open the rest which would be very useful. Any chance they could go on power point?

  • KatyJa4 years agoReport

    Thank you so much - perfect when I needed to lead a TED! Very clear and so helpful.