Letters and Sounds Phase 2
These interactive exercises were made using the free Qedoc Quiz Maker. You can use the resources directly from the website, or you can download the Quiz Player and the resource to your local PC. This series of activities relates to the Phase 2 Letters and Sounds letters and letter groups: SATP/INMD/GOCK/CK,EUR/HBFL,FF,LL,SS in the UK National Literacy Strategy. If you want to use the exercises from just one letter group, follow the link to my main Qedoc page Prior learning: pupils should be able to identify and sound out the letters (letter groups) Lower and upper case letters. There are two optional activities at the start to help learners to match capital and lower case letters. The first activity (point and click) asks the learner to identify the initial letter of a given image. The rest of the letters of the word are given, and the learner is presented with a limited choice of letters from an onscreen ‘keyboard.’ The computer keyboard may be used if preferred. There are 5 questions in the activity. The second activity (drag and drop) asks the learner to match 5 words and pictures. The third activity (drag and drop) asks the learner to unjumble the letters of a given image. The order of the letters is randomized, and sometimes the letters will be presented in the correct order. There are 5 questions in the activity. The fourth activity (point and click) is a Pelman type memory game. The 12 ‘cards’ (6 words & 6 pictures) are presented face -down, and the learner has to match the words and images by clicking on the correct cards. If the cards do not match then they are turned face-down again. The learner has 10 ‘wrong’ attempts, after which the game finishes and displays the correct results. The fifth activity (point and click) asks the learner to spell the word for the given image – either by using the onscreen ‘keyboard' (with the letters presented in alphabetical order rather than QWERTY) or by using the computer keyboard if preferred.


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