This could be cut up into work cards or left as a cut and stick activity for children. The children have to choose whether the activity would take seconds, minutes or hours to complete.


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Created: Nov 25, 2007

Updated: Feb 10, 2014

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    user avatarJ-B7 months agoreport

    Great resource, thanks! I have created a table so my children can use the images to record whether they think it takes seconds, minutes or hours to complete the task.

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    user avatarElainedean9 months agoreport

    Super idea for discussing and using time vocabulary

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    Great,; will be good to stimulate discussion with my Year 3's

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    user avatarAshtonWMS2 years agoreport

  • 5

    Thank you so much for sharing this...was about to start creating somthing along these lines and thought I'd have a quick look just in case someone had laready made one! More time saved!