NEW EYFS March 2012 Development matters assessment

These are the development matters from the March 2012 EYFS condensed on to seven pages (one for each area of learning) for the purpose of quick reference and/or assessment. It is NOT intended to be used as a checklist although it can help in identifying children with specific needs. Please let me know if you find this helpful. *I have also just added the same document but in word format so you can edit if necessary*


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  • stebba5 months agoReport

    Thank you this is really helpful. It is grate to have the Word doc as I will be able to personalise without starting from scratch.

  • This is amazing! Thank you so much. I am a student and this has helped my assignment greatly!

  • martha41a year agoReport

    great, thank you, just what i needed to get my head around it all, thank you

  • lapridaya year agoReport

    Ditto the other reviews - I've just returned to Reception cover teaching after a break of a few years - incredibly helpful to have such a well-designed and editable table. Thank you!!

  • Exactly what I was looking for thank you!