Phase 4 and 5 phonics notebook presentation lessons

Each sound has its own interactive notebook presentation. It follows the same sequence within the slides as follows:

(I have a free example ‘ai’ phonic sound presentation on my page which you can see)

As follows:

Reviews previous sounds.
Introduces new sounds
Words to read as a class that have the new sound - red words are ‘fake’ black words are ‘real’
Pictures - children to look at the pictures and then write the word (pictures with sound in)
Review y1/2 sight / tricky words together
Read a story with words that have the new sound (hands on there head when they hear the sound)
Oral dictation sentence (includes new sound and y1 sight tricky words)

Save for later
  • cl---phonics.notebook
  • ft---phonincs.notebook
  • lp---phonics.notebook
  • lt---phonics.notebook
  • mp---Phonics.notebook
  • nd---Phonics.notebook
  • nk---phonincs.notebook
  • nt---Phonics.notebook
  • sk---Phonics.notebook
  • st---Phonics.notebook
  • a_e---Phonics.notebook
  • au---Phonics.notebook
  • aw---Phonics.notebook
  • ay---Phonics-.notebook
  • e_e---Phonics.notebook
  • ea---Phonics-.notebook
  • ew---Phonics.notebook
  • ey---Phonics.notebook
  • i_e---Phonics.notebook
  • ie---Phonics.notebook
  • ir---Phonics.notebook
  • o_e---Phonics.notebook
  • oe---Phonics.notebook
  • ou---Phonics-.notebook
  • oy---Phonics-.notebook
  • ph---Phonics.notebook
  • ue---Phonics.notebook
  • wh---Phonics.notebook
  • u_e---Phonics.notebook

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