Pupil Progress Performance Grids
For use alongside data captures and discussions about pupil progress, this succinct performance grid enables observers to gauge and categorise department and individual teacher approaches to pupil progress data, using OFSTED guidance. The first page of the document provides descriptors of 'outstanding', 'good', 'requires improvement' and 'inadequate' feedback within appropriately considered focus areas, for example: Rate of Progress, Accuracy, Noticing Trends and Plotting Interventions, etc. Schools that already employ this tool often opt to highlight the descriptors on this page as they complete the scrutiny, thus creating a bigger picture of the strengths and areas for improvement observed. This can also be a helpful aid in arriving at an overall judgement, should your school opt to arrive at one. The second page allows observers to further pinpoint and describe the 'www' (what went well) and 'ebi' (even better if) aspects of the feedback, to aid teacher/department in improving their practice.
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