These are three tiered worksheets on quadratic equations, the first tier is standard factorisable quadratics, last tier is fractional equations which turns into quadratics. These are great for students to practice quadratic equations.

Detailed typed answers are provided to every question. I hope you find it useful. You can get more free worksheets on many topics, mix and match, with detailed step-by-step solutions at


  • quadratic-equations-3-solutions.pdf
  • quadratic-equations-3.pdf
  • quadratic-equations-2-solutions.pdf
  • quadratic-equations-2.pdf
  • quadratic-equations-1-solutions.pdf
  • quadratic-equations-1.pdf

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    user avatara_lockwood18 days agoreport

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    user avataremermcd4 months agoreport

    a bit too difficult for the kids I teach

    • user avatarjoezhouReply from Author4 months ago

      Hi ya, thanks for looking into this resource! Yes the higher difficulty levels are more difficult, and is not suitable for all students. However all questions are designed to be factorisable, including the fractional ones. If you would like more simpler factorisable quadratics, you could have them generated for free from our website. If there is a particular type of quadratic you need, you could contact us through our website and we may make them for you for free! :)

      Hope this helps.

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    user avatarOsauwese4 months agoreport

    Excellent resource with a easy to use format.

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    user avatarPixiMaths4 months agoreport

    Plenty of questions on factorising quadratics and beyond - ideal for revision lessons. Detailed answers included to support students in working independently. Thank you for sharing.

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    user avatarmatthewdj54 months agoreport