Read and Write the Room - Halloween SCOOT center
A fun, interactive, reading and writing center for Halloween. PreK, Kindergarten, and 1st grade students read and write the room, recording the Halloween words (witch, bat, candy, ghost, pumpkin, spider, mummy, owl, moon, skeleton, pirate, princess, cowboy, astronaut, cat, and monster). Simply post the picture cards around the room, and the students become eager to record the words on their record sheet.

Color coded, leveled record sheets and cards make it easy to differentiate.

Teacher directions
* Level 1: Read the Room Center Sign with student directions
* Level 1: 2 Student Recording Sheets - blackline master - students search for pictures that match their recording sheet and record the word that's printed on the card.
* Level 1: 16 colored picture cards with words printed below.

* Level 2: Read the Room Center Sign with student directions
* Level 2: 2 Student Recording Sheets (blackline master) - students find picture cards around the room that start with the beginning sound on their sheet, then record the word.
* Level 1: 16 colored picture cards WITHOUT words printed below.
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Created: Jul 1, 2016

Updated: Sep 9, 2018

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