REVIEW GAME! Octopus on Guard totally EDITABLE SET!
Octopus on Guard!

I have created this EDITABLE Octopus On Guard Set so that you can adapt it to fit YOUR curriculum and vocabulary lists! Blank game boards in both a PPt presentation (so you can add your own vocabulary!) and as a PDF (so you can just print and have your students come up with words!).

How to Play:
The Octopus is guarding her treasure and students must “pop the bubbles” in the way!

* The teacher can type (or write) the vocabulary words into the game board in advance and make enough photocopies for the class.

* Students pair up and are armed with a marker (or highlighter or colored pencil, etc!).

* The teacher calls out the vocabulary words in English and the students race each other to find the correct translation in Spanish.
When the student finds the correct word, they “pop the bubble” by coloring it in. Whoever fins the correct conjugation first, earns a point! (Students can keep track of their points right on their game boards.) The student with the most points at the end wins!

“Octopus on Guard” is a great review game and motivator. This game can go quickly! It’s a great warm up activity or closer at the end of a lesson. You can laminate these and use them over and over again throughout the year! You can also project these on your overhead for a game of “matamoscas!”

What teachers are saying:
"This is a great little game, easy to edit and use--I appreciate the multiple game pages with different numbers of bubbles. It makes it easy for a more focused game on just a few vocab words, or a broader review with lots of words. Thanks!"
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Created: Apr 13, 2016

Updated: Feb 22, 2018


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