Standard Form: 'World Facts' Worksheet

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A publisher document worksheet in which students answer questions in the context of the Solar System in decimal form and standard form. This woksheet is aimed at bright students and shows the link between standard form and science. Ideal for KS3 and KS4.

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CreatedAug 30, 2008
UpdatedFeb 18, 2013

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    user avatarswilly15 years agoReport

    what about the values of billion and trillion? i thought a billion was now a thousand millions to bring us in line with USA?

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    user avatarCOLBOMS6 years agoReport

    Thank you, this is really useful. Good for cross curricular and real life reasons for Maths!

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    Apart from the technical microsoft word bits, the maths science mix is great and the questions are good.

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    user avatarchiefsneak8 years agoReport

    Great, but. My cheap version of Office for Education doesn't include Publisher. I can open it in my trial version but not print it nor save it as a Word Doc. Can you use your proper version to convert to Word or PPT and then re-post cos I think this is brilliant!

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    user avatarchezul8 years agoReport

    what version?. What version of publisher are you using. I'm having this difficulty with alot of resources of late and am uncertain of why