• Students will be shown two pictures of the same town, approximately 300 years apart. One is Roman, the other is in the Dark Ages. They must try and identify differences.
• Next, students will watch ‘Horrible Histories: the Anglo Saxon Report’ on YouTube so that students understand what period in history is being explored. Key names and dates from the video are to be added to complete a gap-fill exercise. There are two differentiated versions of the gap-fill for different abilities, together with a cheat sheet for particularly weak students.
• This will be an information hunt. Students will recieve a worksheet (differentiated for HA, MA, LA) on which there will be four different common beliefs about the Dark Ages. The students will have to read information signs around the room to prove or disprove these hypothesis.
• Students will stand along a continuum at the front of the classroom to answer a question posed by the teacher, thus demonstrating their newly acquired knowledge.


• Two versions of Horrible Histories gap-fill, one with first letters provided for weak students.
• Cheat sheet provided with answers to gap fill exercise.
• Three versions of worksheet for main activity - differentiated for HA, MA, LA students.


• Go through correct words for passage as a class.
• Teacher circulation and questionning as students complete task by going around the room.
• Whole-class discussion as plenary.


BBC will routinely block access to the Anglo Saxon Report video clip. I will endevour to regularly update this description with a working link.


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