Teach your pupils the basics of Timetables

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    This is superb! Thank you so much for sharing.

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    Thank you so much for providing an American version of your UK time schedule. I very much appreciate this wonderful presentation, but there are a few tiny glitches I can easily fix myself. For one thing, you have left in the place name "Doune" from your British version, so there is no correct answer to one of the quiz questions. Also, New Jersey is a state (and a rather large one), whereas New York (presumably you mean New York City), Baltimore and Philadelphia are cities. I would change "New Jersey" to a city there, like "Newark." I would also say that the bus STOPS at the places on the timetable rather than "passes through." This would make more sense to children who speak American English. However, all these comments are mere suggestions. I truly love your resource and am sure students will love it also.

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    this looks perfect for timetables! thank you!

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    Great. Very colourful.

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Jan 12, 2007
Jul 10, 2014

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