A number / algebra activity based on a treasure hunt. An old favourite. Ideal for KS3 / GCSE. Pupils work out the calculations then colour in the corresponding square on the treasure map, the single remaining square is where the treaure is buried. A great way to make pupils do 50 sums! To follow up, ask pupils to create thier own treasure hunts for you to copy and friends to complete.


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Created: Apr 19, 2012

Updated: Feb 7, 2015

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    user avatargems0913 months agoreport

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    user avatarubermana year agoreport

    Has the potential to be a fantastic resource. Let down by the masses of mistakes in there. Disappointing.

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    user avatarkellmano2 years agoreport

    Lovely resource but the first one at least can't be done as 3/4 of 12 = 1/4 of 36 = 9


    5^2 + 5 + 3^2 - 4^2 = 184/8 = 23.

    You need to change one of these to get the answers '8' and '13' and then the answer is 47.

    The second one has 692 - 556 which is obviously over 100 as well, though I haven't proofed the rest of it. Students seemed to enjoy it but I should have checked it myself first.

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    user avatarxandervx2 years agoreport

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    An excellent resource