Treasure Hunts Maths Activity

A number / algebra activity based on a treasure hunt. An old favourite. Ideal for KS3 / GCSE. Pupils work out the calculations then colour in the corresponding square on the treasure map, the single remaining square is where the treaure is buried. A great way to make pupils do 50 sums! To follow up, ask pupils to create thier own treasure hunts for you to copy and friends to complete.


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    user avataruberman8 months agoReport

    Has the potential to be a fantastic resource. Let down by the masses of mistakes in there. Disappointing.

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    user avatarkellmanoa year agoReport

    Lovely resource but the first one at least can't be done as 3/4 of 12 = 1/4 of 36 = 9


    5^2 + 5 + 3^2 - 4^2 = 184/8 = 23.

    You need to change one of these to get the answers '8' and '13' and then the answer is 47.

    The second one has 692 - 556 which is obviously over 100 as well, though I haven't proofed the rest of it. Students seemed to enjoy it but I should have checked it myself first.

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    user avatarxandervxa year agoReport

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    An excellent resource

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    user avatarkem214 years agoReport

    Great Idea! Love it! Thank you so much for sharing. The answers and example of students work is much appreciated! Excellent resource

Apr 19, 2012
Feb 7, 2015