Trigonometric Functions Triple Regatta Boat Race Project
Students' problem solving techniques are put to the test when they join the Trigonometric Functions Triple Regatta. Students must apply their knowledge of sine, cosine and tangents to determine the best path to complete the race. Each student may choose a different route, but only one boat will win the race!

This resource includes:
- Two levels of challenge
- Student map and activity directions
- Teacher's guide

Trigonometry Resources Include:
- Trigonometric Functions: Notes, Practice and Card Sort for Trigonometry
- Sine, Cosine and Tangent: Practice and Review Activity (Not available elsewhere in the store)
- Trigonometric Functions: Architecture Mini-Project for Real-World Trigonometry
- Trigonometric Function:Word Problems Practice/Review Activity for Trig Functions
- Trigonometric Functions:Practice and Review Activity on Trig - Math Detective
- Trigonometric Functions: Cosecant, Secant and Cotangent Practice and Review
- Law of Sines: Notes and Practice for Law of Sines (Trigonometry)
- Law of Sines: Task Cards for Practice and Review Activity
- Law of Cosines: Notes and Practice on the Law of Cosines
- Trigonometry: Law of Cosines Coded Message activity for law of cosine
- Trigonometry:Angles of Depression and Elevation- Notes and Practice
- Trigonometric Functions:Mixed Practice and Review of Trigonometric Functions
- Trigonometry: Cofunctions- Notes and Practice (Not available elsewhere in the store)
- Trigonometric Function: Cofunctions Practice and Review Task Cards (Not available elsewhere in the store)

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