Unit: Loci and Constructions

I have designed this pack of 6 lessons in the style of the Maths Assessment Project from the Shell Centre. Because of that, they contain many opportunities for AfL built in, opportunites for active and constructive discussion, and rich, open tasks.

Here is a brief overview of the content and activities:

Lesson 1:
- Initial Assessment (test) – marked to diagnose prior knowledge and set specific tasks for improvement.
- Video demos on constructions of triangles. Pause and explain the videos as students follow the steps.
- Class discussion about an impossible triangle.

Lesson 2:
- Set DIRT tasks from marking Initial Assessment or discuss common misconceptions as a group
- Triangles Card Sort - students have to construct the triangles and sort them in to three groups: Impossible, Unique and Multiple possible triangles.
- Discuss questions based on A03 Reason and Explain problems as a group. Emphasise different approaches and answers the students may have.

Lesson 3:
- Starter: Find a point exactly between A and B. Find two points that are 5cm from both A and B.
- Perpendicular and Angle Bisectors, Point to a line video demonstrations. Students copy the steps from the demonstration videos then repeat the steps on their own.
- Open construction challenges
- Plenary – Discussion of strategies for difficult parts of the challenge
Lesson 4:
- Starter: Mark at least 10 points that are 5cm away from X.
- Group discovery task designed to find the four main types of Loci seen at GCSE
- Card Sort – Some found here:
o https://www.ncetm.org.uk/resources/10771
o https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/loci-and-construction-review-6342861
o https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/locus-of-a-point-matching-exercise-11190166?theme=3
- Plenary: Group Discussion of Exam Q involving a combination of Loci

Lesson 5:
- Starter: Construction skills practice worksheet
- Exam Questions done on Mini WhiteBoards
- Exam Questions done on sheet – Recommend this booklet - https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/loci-booklet-questions-and-answers-11379556?theme=0
- Plenary: Create your own question for a shape

Lesson 6:
- Starter: Create a loci question for your partner; answer your partner’s question
- Progress check - Similar to Initial Assessment, designed to demonstrate progress as well as identify any remaining misconceptions
- Students Peer Mark with helpful comments
- Show of hands on Learning Objectives.


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