Set of activities I made for our whole-school STEM day a couple of years ago. As such it is suitable for a wide range of abilities and learning styles.

Skills practiced include:
- Co-ordinates and map references
- Map Scales
- Spotting patterns and drawing conclusions
- Sequences (including linear, quadratic and exponential sequences)
- Calculating Speed/Distance/Time
- Time Series Graphs
- Functional skills problem solving

The activities are set in Bristol but could be adjusted by replacing the map.



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  • STEM-day---Copy.pptx
  • The-Infection-Reaches-Bristol-Worksheet.docx
  • Zombie-Locations.pdf
  • Zombie-Locations.docx
  • Map.jpg
  • map-answers.jpg
  • ANSWERS-The-Infection-Reaches-Bristol-Worksheet.docx
  • patient0-dark.avi
  • Jerusalem-War-Z.mp4

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