All about me planning for EYFS

Helen Beevers
22nd August 2019
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Help young learners to discover all about themselves with these enticing lesson ideas

Learning about ourselves is a fundamental part of childhood development, especially as pupils start to ask questions about who they are and how they are the same, or different, from others. As such, the start of the academic year - when everybody is getting to know one another – is the ideal time to get stuck into an “all about me” topic.

We’ve gathered together the best topic overviews, lesson plans and engaging activities to help your young learners find out more about themselves.

Planning resources and lesson ideas

All About Me Early Years medium term planning

Objectives and ideas for all 6 areas on one A4 page
By carly24

All about me topic webs

Over the years I have developed various topic webs as idea banks to starting new topics in the EYFS. Finally sharing them! Hope this helps some! Enjoy!
By jeni0

EYFS 2012 Parent Involvement Documents

I send these out during a child's focus week, so parents can be involved in their child&'s learning. I find them very useful when planning for children's next steps.
By hurny

Ourselves Planning for the afternoons

This is a 6 week plan covering most areas of learning under the topic ourselves. Hope it is useful to someone!
By SamCThomas

Activities and worksheets

All about me Maths

A sheet for children to complete all about maths concepts related to them (number of letters in name, number of boys/girls in family, house number etc)
By choralsongster

All About Me Zigzag Book

A simple zigzag book to cut out and assemble with cues for learners to start wrtiting and learning about themselves. I used this at the beginning of the new school year to help me to get to know my children, but could be used at any time when children are learning all about themselves :-)
By kmed2020

All About Me/Ourselves - EYFS Planning and Resources

Make life easy with this fantastic collection of planning and 28 teaching resources.

The fully editable planning pack meets the requirements of the current EYFS and includes a medium term overview and detailed short term activity plans.

The medium term overview details possible learning experiences, learning objectives and resources for each of the 7 areas of the EYFS curriculum.

The short term planning consists of a grid for each area of learning, showing learning objectives, resources, learning experiences and 'look, listen and note' guidance. There are 55 learning experiences planned in total, suitable to use over a half term topic.

This topic is suitable for Reception, although it could be adapted for younger children.

Many of the resources support the activities described in the planning pack. They include maths activities, writing opportunities, simple texts to decode, display cards and more.
By PlanitTeacher

All About Me ( Activity book for EYFS / KS1 )

Resource Title
All About Me

Age/Year Group
Early Years and Key Stage 1

Total Pages in download
❤ 27

File Type

Resource Content
❂ One 27 Page Workbook (just print and staple, absolutely NO prep required)
❂ Differentiated worksheets included (something for everyone!)
❂ Covers favourite foods / colours / my family / my family pet / my best friend and more.

Check the preview!

Reviews and feedback are appreciated, I value all but as we tell our students, try to be constructive!

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Polly Puddleduck ©2016
By PollyPuddleduck

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