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30th September 2019
Red telephone boxes symbolising the different aspects of British values

Top-rated assemblies and tasks to help you teach British values in school

Since 2014, teachers have been required to promote British values in class, taking care to cover the key themes of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different beliefs.

To help you we’ve selected some of our favourite activities, designed to promote thought and stimulate discussion among your students. What are you waiting for?


Promoting British Values Primary Assembly

This assembly is meant as an introduction to teaching about British values
By janineb

Promoting SMSC - British Values - informative assembly and guidance on running a British Values Day

I recently ran a very successful British Values Day. I began the day by inviting parents/carers/governors in and delivered the attached assembly presentation to them as well as to pupils. I then gave each class a value of their own (see guidance). Classes were able to be as creative as they liked but were asked to give me one outstanding piece of display work so I could create a British Values display at the entrance of the school (see photo of display). Pupils dressed-up in their cultural clothes or wore red/blue/white and all brought in a 'gold coin donation' to give to charity.

The assembly goes through each of the British Values and their meanings. There is a song and video clip attached as well as a short quiz at the end. Promoting British Values is extremely important, Ofsted say: 'Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and, within this, the promotion of fundamental British values, are at the heart of the school’s work.'

Powerpoint could also be used for a KS2 lesson on British Values.

If you have any questions or need any support, send me a message and I'll do anything I can to help.

Please do review any resources that you download - many thanks!
By landoflearning

British Values Display Posters

Create a powerful display to promote British Values in your school / classroom / nursery with these child friendly posters. Over 10 posters included (some with variations). The posters depict and explain democracy, the rule of law, mutual respect, individual liberty and tolerance to those of different faiths and beliefs.

Every school in England must promote British values in their SMSC development, which is particularly important to Ofsted. This set is perfect for that!

The document is in .pdf format (not editable) however if you have any suggestions, my email address can be found on the last page of the resource.

By hoppytimes




By thegruffalo71


What it means to be British

A lesson looking at what makes us British.
Resources are in the powerpoint to be printed
By KatherineBriggs


20 hours of content (in 16 downloads) - 20 x fully resourced hour long lessons, an assembly, a quiz and 5 displays. All differentiated throughly to three levels, with 45 worksheets to go along with PowerPoints. Created to help any school meet all British Values requirements with ease.

All lessons are fully resourced, highly-rated British Values and Citizenship lessons for KS3 / KS4. All are complete with accompanying worksheets, clips and activities that are well differentiated to three levels.

It’s worth checking your downloads on this if you buy it because I keep adding to it and then you get the new downloads all free.

**Just added - a version of the Identity lesson suitable for low ability / SEN or KS2. This was used with a Year 7 Nurture group. **

I use all of these myself as a Head of Citizenship and I really hope you find them excellent value. I’ve put literally months of time into this to make these lessons top quality for my own school team.

There is enough material here to create numerous off time-table days for different year groups to cover all the British Values / SMSC / Citizenship KS4 and KS3 requirements.

Many more inexpensive and free resources at my shop:
Leave me a review and pick any other resource for free :)

By EC Resources

British Values

Promoting British Values Citizenship PSHE Prevent Resource. A fun knowledge quiz that tests a range of different skills with students working in teams to compete against each other. Let the best team win!

This resource contains:
☞ 1x British Values PowerPoint with questions and answers laid out in a professional format
☞ 1x Student Answer Sheet double sided out of /60+ Marks (PDF and PPT Version) and all the answers!!
☞ Contains: 11 Rounds** Examples inclide: Match the Caption to the Picture, True or False, Odd One Out, Identify the Royal, De-Scrabble, Design Challenge and more…

This quiz resource is perfect for lesson time, form time, extra curricular clubs, part of a drop down day or as a fun treat for your class.

✿ This quiz resource is perfect for lesson time, form time, extra curricular clubs, part of a drop down day or as a fun treat for your class.

✿ This will last a full hour by the time you get students into small teams and run through the Quiz and the interactive way the answers appear. A tie-breaker is included which involves drawing an image top 3 score points. This informative, fun and engaging quiz will be a great way to teach your students about British values

✿ A variety of different rounds and different challenges within this quiz for all types of learners to access (something fun no matter what ability) FUN/C8/QZ/05


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By Cre8tive Resources

British Values: Prevent: Tolerance and respect - Stereotypes

Contents of pack:

PowerPoint presentation that includes:

 Understand that we are all unique, similar but different
 Understand that different types of people are important to help us work together as a community
Learning outcomes:
 Define the key word ‘stereotype’
 Identify types of stereotyping
 State how stereotyping can be dangerous or harmful
 Show an awareness of how to challenge stereotypes
Seven interactive tasks about stereotyping

• Task sheets
• Fact or opinion activity
• Writing task
• Stereotypes word search

Answers to task quizzes built into the presentation.

Could be useful for, but would need adapting, for US teachers.
By CollEd

Whole school

British Values Display

A series of clear posters and labels which name the 5 British Values and give a brief child-friendly statement in explanation.

For more Outstanding Resources for Outstanding Teachers, please visit my website
By Helen Rachel Crossley

British Values -PSHE Unit of Work (KS2/KS3)

This is a large resource pack. Includes over 20 printables, these can be used for individual PSHE lessons on British Values, Democracy, Rights and Rules.
Ideal for for Upper KS2/Lower KS3.

Resource Title
British Values (PSHE focused Unit of Work)

Age/Year Group
Key Stage 2 / Key Stage 3

Total Pages in download
❤ 36

File Type

Resource Content
Maintained schools have obligations under section 78 of the Education Act (2002) which requires schools, as part of a broad and balanced curriculum, to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and
physical development of pupils at the school and of society, this now included British Values.
Pupils must be encouraged to regard people of all faiths, races and cultures with respect
and tolerance.
It is expected that pupils should understand that while different people may hold different
views about what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, all people living in the United Kingdom are subject to its law.
The school’s ethos and teaching, which schools should make parents aware of, should
support the rule of English civil and criminal law and schools should not teach anything
that undermines it.

Pack includes:
❂ Literacy Activities
❂ Geography Activities
❂ History Activities
❂ Tons of printables
❂ Beautifully illustrated class posters in colour

Check the preview!

Reviews and feedback are appreciated, I value all but as we tell our students, try to be constructive!

Printing Tip: This educational resource has been designed for printing on A4 size paper. If you are printing on a different size, select ‘shrink’ or ‘print to fit page’ (or similar option) in order for the contents to fit correctly.

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By PollyPuddleduck

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