Best reviewed British values resources

Nicola Davison
13th November 2015
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Five of the top-rated resources for teaching British values

The requirement to promote British values in the classroom is still relatively new and so lots of you are still looking for that perfect resource to support you in teaching the fundamentals of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

To help you do just that, we’ve brought together a list of the best reviewed British values resources, including example comments from grateful users.

1.  Being British lesson plan (5 stars)

What is it? A complete lesson, including printable resources, which asks students to think about what makes them feel British and take a closer look at stereotypes.

Users say…  I absolutely love this! Not just from a 'ticks an Ofsted point of view' either! It's really engaging. Thanks - honeybun78

2.  British values assembly (4.8 stars)

What is it? A well-presented, interactive PowerPoint presentation that starts by exploring identity and personal values before tackling the broader ideas of what it means to be British.

Users say… Really helpful, many thanks, I will be using it to launch the values in assembly and to share with staff also, so they gain a better understanding - allysonwatkins

3.  British values lesson materials (4.7 stars)

What is it? A seven-lesson unit of work with detailed PowerPoint presentations, outlining key information and associated activity ideas relating to the fundamental British values.

Users say…  An excellent very useful resource for citizenship. It is also very contemporary, and makes reference to the recent general election and the new leader of the Labour Party. - charlesmagee

4.  British values starter pack (4.6 stars)

What is it? A set of short, brightly coloured presentations containing activities, facts and discussion questions for each of the five values, perfect for tutor time.

Users say… Very comprehensive layout and simple for students to understand. Thank you. - stellestar101

5.  Guidance on promoting British values (4.5 stars)

What is it? A whole-school document outlining ways to ensure the fundamental British values resonate with your pupils, including Ofsted definitions and strategies for successful implementation.

Users say…  A very well written resource which is up-to-date and provides guidance to schools - thank you! - Seany_mac7


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