Assembly ideas for the academic year

Victoria Haughton
04th January 2019
Empty school chairs in hall in preparation for a school assembly

Plan for the year ahead with this selection of themed presentations and idea packs

Assemblies are a staple of school life, and yet having to constantly to think of new and engaging topics can be a bit of a struggle! So, to help prepare you for the year ahead, we’ve scoured the site to find slides, talks and ideas for each major monthly theme throughout the academic year. Preparing for assembly time has never been so simple. 

Spring term

Valentine's Day Assembly

Just who was Valentine? And what is love all about anyway? A Valentine's Day assembly for Key Stages 3 and 4, featuring some games, a short film and a PowerPoint presentation. All films can be viewed or downloaded for free at:
By TrueTube

Easter 2017 - PowerPoint Presentation - Assembly or in class.

Easter 2017
PowerPoint Presentation - saved in 2 versions of PowerPoint for people using an older version of PowerPoint.
It could be used in an assembly or in class.

Easter is on the 16th April this year.
I have included some previews of the sides.

It covers:
When is Easter?
What is Easter?
How do people celebrate?
Why do we have Easter eggs / Easter bunny
and Other Key Easter Dates

It is easy to edit and adapt for your needs.

Check out my other KS2 resources and planning here
By chrisball92

Revision Assembly

used for Y11s and sixth form to explain principles of revision and to emphasise that should be active, and focus on retrieval and use of memory not just reading. Some resources for tutor time follow-up included
By ianmichaelhorner

New Year Around The World

This resource contains a fully editable, colourful, informative and interesting 105 slide assembly PowerPoint on New Year’s Eve and New Year celebrations, customs and traditions in different countries around the world. Ideal for a New Year assembly. References are made to the following countries:Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Denmark, Ecuador, Estonia, France, Greece, Hungary, Japan, Panama, Philippines, Romania, Scotland, Spain, Turkey, USA.

The presentation concludes with asking the pupils the following questions:

a. How do you celebrate the New Year?

b. Which country would you like to visit at New Year and why?

This resource will help to contribute to the pupils’ ‘Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural’ learning (SMSC) and will help to actively promote the British Values of mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

You may also be interested in:

New Year Quiz

January Presentation Simple Text

January Presentation

Robert Burns and Burns Night

Chinese New Year Presentation

Optical Illusions Simple but Powerful Messages for the New Year

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By Krazikas

Summer term

Assembly about Friendship for KS1 & KS2 primary

Download this 11 - Slide primary assembly PowerPoint from about friendship! This is a fantastic resource to use with Primary age children! Download this colourful PowerPoint to use in a KS1 or KS2 assembly or to use with PHSCE lessons. A great assembly resource for discussing friendship with primary children. If you like this PowerPoint visit for more great teaching resources.
By PrimaryWorks

Mindfulness Assembly / Lesson Presentation

A beautiful mindfulness presentation with 18 slides that is designed to be used for either an assembly or a session.

Mindfulness is incredibly important in a busy school; but how can we educate our young people in such a skill?

Perhaps stress levels have risen during tests and exams, and you have seen behaviour go downhill.

Use this fantastic resource to raise awareness of mindfulness, and encourage your students to use the enclosed techniques to manage their stress levels and improve both their behaviour and wellbeing.
By studeapps

Life After School Assembly

An assembly looking into the options available to students when they leave school.
By sullfish

Achieving Our Goals Assembly

This is an assembly that I produced for the whole school on Target Setting and Achieving Our Goals.
My audience was a Secondary Learning Disability School, but I feel the presentation could be adapted for Primary or even some Secondary (KS3) Assemblies.
Its a "fun" assembly but has a strong emphasis on how we can achieve goals in life.
By marc_bernard77

Autumn term

Back to School Assembly

Welcome back! An assembly for Key Stages 3 and 4 to help your students think about what they want to achieve on the next stage of life's journey. There&'s a short film, some games and a PowerPoint presentation too. More resources like this can be downloaded for free from:
By TrueTube

Christmas Assembly Powerpoint

Powerpoint and accompanying notes for an assembly given last year. (The last slide needs to be adapted to suit you). Shows how other countries celebrate Christmas and how we do here. Traditional values too.
By missholcombe

Primary Cyberbullying Assembly Plan

This is an Assembly Plan aimed at all pupils. We have adapted it slightly to suit both younger and older pupils depending on the topics you wish to raise with them. It looks at what cyberbullying is, how it can affect young people and what to do about it, including top tips.
By Beatbullying

Remembrance Day assembly picture short story and follow up questions

A short story with 25 photographs to introduce aspects of the first world war. Ideal for assemblies or class discussions. Armistace Day. Wilfred Owen and Dulce et decorum est.

Photos can be used in teaching to focus on:

life in the trenches
propaganda posters of world war 1
under-age conscription
the meaning of the poppy

This is all through Wilfred Owen's poem the 'lie' of - dulce et decorum est (How sweet and honourable it is to die for one's country)

I wrote this initially for armistice day - useful for an 11th November assembly
By paul urry

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