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04th May 2020
Plants and flowers used in EYFS resource activity

Resource packs and outdoor activities to teach younger children how plants grow

Make the most of the spring and summer by exploring plants and flowers. From learning about different sections of a plant to getting mucky and growing flowers yourselves, we’ve hand-picked a selection of activities, worksheets, games and powerpoints you can use with your EYFS children.

What Plants Need - an IWB presentation

A simple presentation with animations and a quiz at the end. Very simple language throughout. Comic Sans Font (i will do it in Sassoon infant if requested). Very Brightly Coloured: probable best suited to Early Years or SEN but could be adapted for other areas.

By bevevans22

growing plant

this includes a simple activity where the children can click to water the plant and watch it grow followed by a simple labelling activity
By amy95

Plant Investigation and Activity Pack

**Teach children all about plant parts and life cycles! These investigations, activities and emergent reader link to the ELGs for Understanding the World, Expressive Art and Design, plus Literacy. I know that your class will love the exciting hands-on learning activities!

Included in the pack are:

  • 13 engaging hands on activities and investigations: full details of what you will need and instructions for how to carry them out.
  • Plants emergent reader: provided in colour and B&W. You could print the pages back to back and use the book for guided/independent reading. Alternatively, the pages could be printed out separately and used for a display.
  • Plant hunt sheet x 2 (colour): take this sheet on your hunt and tick which flowers you find
  • Plant investigation sheet x 2 (b/w): plan your own investigation to find out what plants need.
  • Seed packet template: design your own packet and fold and glue the tabs.
  • Sunflower diary sheet: this sheet accompanies the sunflowers activity. Draw, label and measure your sunflower each week.
  • Plant game (colour and B&W) and instructions: a fun game to help children learn all about what plants need to grow.
  • Plant word mat (colour and B&W): use this delightful word mat to help children with writing activities.
  • Plant jigsaw (colour and B&W): 2 of the same jigsaw provided on one page. Just print out on card, laminate and cut up. Learn the parts of a plant while playing!

Click here for a minibeast pack!

By noworksheetsallowed

Parts of a Flower

A simple resource to introduce to reception children. This presentation gives very simple explanations on what each part of a plant does. The end of the presentation leads to an investigation that we have been doing in class
By stacey28

Leaf Identification

A visual aid of common tree and shrub leaves. Get kids outdoors exploring with this fresh activity from the Woodland Trust's nature detectives website. Bring the outdoors into your classroom with this inspiring activity from the Woodland Trust's nature detectives website.
By naturedetectives

Grow a Plant - Board Game

A board game that you can play in the classroom or at home. Children learn how to take turns and learn what seeds need to grow to become plants.

You will need:
• 1 x Game board
• 4 x Players cards
• 1 x dice (not provided)
• 16 x Plant cards
• 4 x Counters (not provided)

Place all the plant cards in the middle of the board. Each player gets a player’s card (Seed, Sun, Water) and place their counter on the Start. Each time they cross the Start, players can tick one of their seed boxes. Players try to collect water and sun in order to grow their seeds into plants. Once they have all three (seed, water and sun), they can have a plant card.

The aim of the game is to complete your card by growing 4 plants. Be careful, if you land on a caterpillar or the boots, then your plant is taken away from you and you need to grow another one. Also the bird will eat one of you seeds if you land on it. Good luck!
By MrSavva

Growing Plants – Worksheets

Garden Topic
• Create a scene using cut and paste pictures
• Draw a plan of a favourite garden; use word bank for ideas and for labelling.
• Label garden tools
• Sort garden tools into 2 different categories

Plants Topic
• Write facts about sunflowers
• Label parts of a sunflower
• Paste and label real pictures of favourite plants; cut and order in alphabetic order

Beans Topic
• Write facts about beans
• Paste and label real pictures of different types of beans
• Colour and label different countries on a map to show where beans come from
• Write instructions for planting a bean; explain what beans needs to grow healthy
• Observation sheet: record growth / progress (date, cm, leaves)
• Draw and label own bean plant; record observations
• Complete a Glossary
• Complete an Index
• Choose a recipe using beans; list ingredients and utensils
• Write instructions for a recipe using beans

My Bean Diary – created for younger ones!
• Write facts about beans
• Cut and place instructions flashcards in correct order
• Instructions: cut planting instructions pictures and paste in the correct order
• Record observations on a time line
• Draw and label bean plant; record how tall it is
By mariedp

Woodland Hunt worksheet

Woodland hunt - children to explore woodland area and look out for certain things

By BrightStarsEYR

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