End-of-year celebrations for secondary students

Nicola Davison
18th July 2017
End-of-year celebration balloons for seccondary school

Round off another successful year with these reflective and celebratory activities for your form

With the end of the academic year just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about ways you can help pupils to reflect on their achievements and think ahead to next term.

To help you do just that, we’ve hand-picked a selection of top assemblies and activities, guaranteed to round off the year with a smile.

Assembly ideas

Celebrate success in all its forms with this adaptable year group assembly, including space for photos highlighting some of this year's achievements.

Alternatively, why not look ahead to the summer holidays with this fully-resourced assembly pack? Complete with a script, short film, presentation and game, this assembly is ideal for encouraging students to make the most of their break, even if they aren’t jetting off on their dream holiday.

Tutor-time activities

Keep your form group engaged until the very last day of term with these end-of-year activities, including a future-focused letter-writing task, dream board and selfie design activity. For something a little more competitive, this editable quiz not only recaps some of the key news events of the year, but also contains a couple of rounds dedicated to your tutor group.

Get pupils reflecting on the last three terms and thinking ahead to the next with this simple review and target sheet. And, just for fun, wrap up the year with these humorous “most likely to” certificates, which can be easily adapted to suit the personalities in your form.


Celebrating Success assembly

This was an assembly for my Year 7 class. They recently had a presentation evening giving out awards. At the end of the slide i included different pictures from the year so far. I have taken these off, but hopefully you get the idea. I used someone else's assembly on Success to get the funny images. Also played Sigur Ros Hippolia at the end to make it uplifting. You could use this for any year group. Adapt as you wish.
By oops_vip

Summer Holidays Assembly

An end of term assembly for Key Stages 3 and 4 that gives some holiday advice. There's a short film, a PowerPoint presentation and a game. More resources like this can be viewed or downloaded for free at: www.truetube.co.uk
By TrueTube

End of Year Activities for tutor time

End of Year Activities for Teens: no preparation needed, just print and go! This resource is a great way for students to wrap up, reflect on life, dream of the future and remain entertained while us teachers are using all our energy just trying to claw our way to the finish line!

Watch A Video Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VbgSbr35w8

If you want some fun and quality activities to use with your students at tutor time that they will enjoy and relate to, then this is the resource for you! It comes with attractive, enjoyable and creative memory book style activities that will last weeks running up to the much anticipated end of the school year!

This resource will encourage students to reflect on their year at school in fun and engaging ways and get them look ahead to the future too. The activities also come with quality teenage appropriate graphics which your students will love!

Product includes:
• My Super Memories
• My Best Day
• The Blues
• Dear Future Me
• Top Things I’ve Learned
• What’s to Come
• My Dream Board
• What A Tune!
• What A Great Book!
• #ThrowbackThursday
• My Proudest Moments
• Autographs
• Acrostic Poetry
• End of School Plans
• My Legacy
• My Pearls of Wisdom
& 4 more pages!

These end of year activities can be used for a variety of age groups and abilities and require no preparation from you at all! Instructions are on each worksheet and students can be as thorough as they like depending on their ability.

Simply pick and choose some or all of the activities for your classes, or even set some for homework if you like!

These are not only fun to do but they make wonderful keepsakes for students to look back on when they are older - these could even be used with the same group of students each year to see how they have developed over time!



• If you choose to download this resource, please take the time to leave a rating - I do really value your feedback and I always look forward to reading what you think about my resources! If you have any questions about this resource or anything else, you can email me at TeachersResourceForce@yahoo.com.

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By TeachersResourceForce

End of Year Quiz 2016

I made this end of year quiz using the powerpoint someone else made as a base. It has 5 rounds: News, Movies, Music, Our Year anf Famous Faces.

The 'Our Year' round I gave them 10 questions about things that had happened throughout the year (like 'who scored 2 own goals in PE this year?' or 'How many questions were in your end of year Maths exam?')

The 'Famous Faces' round, I found promotional photos of the students taken by the school and cropped them to show just their eyes or nose etc. and they had to name the student.

All the answers for each question are in the notes.
By emilyrugg

End of Year review

A simple review sheet which pupils can use to help them to assess how well they've done during the academic year. Set to Year 7, but can be ammended for any year group.
By g60_jh

Form awards 1

These are some certificates I made and awarded to my Year 8 form at the end of the school year after I had been their form tutor since year 7. The certificates went down really well - it obviously helps if you know your students well.
By lisaidd

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