End-of-year celebrations for secondary students

Assemblies and tutor-time activity ideas to help secondary students celebrate success and reflect on their achievements this academic year

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End-of-year Celebration Balloons For Secondary Students for assemblies, celebrating achievement and having fun

Round off another successful year with these reflective and celebratory activities for your tutor group

With the end of the academic year just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about ways you can help students to reflect on their achievements and think ahead to next term.

To help you do just that, we’ve hand-picked a selection of assemblies and activities, designed to look back at the year, set targets for next term and have some end-of-year fun.

SMART target setting
Alison Ollett

SMART target setting

A quick guide to setting SMART targets, intended activity to be completed after students receive their reports. Could possibly be used during tutor time or used in any subject area to help close the gap in achievement.
Report review form - helping students progress

Report review form - helping students progress

A form to fill in with your tutees, to help them to set targets, based on their school reports. Students have an opportunity to decide which subjects they need to work on, and set targets to help them do this.
Tutor Time Quiz (1)

Tutor Time Quiz (1)

A self-playing multi-topic quiz with 20 questions (and answers). Ideal for tutor-time. Click tes.com/../tutor-time-quiz to download similar-style quizzes. Suitable for older primary and all secondary students. The self-playing version is timed to last 15 minutes, but I have included a non-tim...
End of Year Activities for tutor time

End of Year Activities for tutor time

End of Year Activities for Teens: no preparation needed, just print and go! This resource is a great way for students to wrap up, reflect on life, dream of the future and remain entertained while us teachers are using all our energy just trying to claw our way to the finish line! Watch A Video ...