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Worksheets, extension tasks and homework booklets to help stretch and challenge learners in French, Spanish and German

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Stimulating resources for extending learning in French, Spanish and German

As students nurture their language skills, it is important to regularly stretch and challenge more-able pupils so that they make the most of each lesson.

We’ve hand-picked a range of engaging extension resources, from grammar booklets to topic-based tasks, which are ideal for early finishers.

French resources

Allow pupils to further explore personality traits and the language used to describe them with this thought-provoking comprehension worksheet.

For something more skills-based, encourage learners to self-select areas they can work on to extend their speaking or writing using these independent reference sheets for guidance. Alternatively, this detailed five-page grammar resource acts as a handy reference to remind AS and A-level students to make their work more complex using a variety of tenses and structures.

Spanish resources

Push students to improve the quality of their writing with these easy-to-use mats, containing advice on structuring sentences and avoiding common grammatical mistakes.

Fill spare time at the end of the lesson with these unique two-part extension tasks, covering 12 different topics. Or, this comprehensive 30-page booklet, which can be used for both homework and extension, includes a variety of exercises by unit, grammar point and even cultural events. 

German resources

On the theme of holidays, these exercises help students to expand their knowledge of topic-related verbs, nouns and adjectives. Similarly, focus on developing pupils’ understanding of inverted word order and adverbs with these weather-themed extension tasks.

Tackle the tricky pluperfect tense using this explanatory activity, which can be used to  help more-able students to feel confident using a greater variety of tenses.

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