European Day of Languages activities

Victoria Haughton
01st September 2017
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Celebrate and raise awareness of Europe’s diverse mix of languages with these top activities

26 September is always a highlight of the MFL calendar. In preparation for the big day, we’ve picked out some lesson inspiration in the form of displays, games and assemblies to help you to share your passion for languages with pupils and colleagues alike.

Introducing the day

From classroom displays to presentations, and even greetings for staff to use, help set the scene in your classroom and find out more about why we celebrate this special day with these introductory ideas.

European Day of Languages ASSEMBLY

I have made this assembly using lots of other people's ideas who have kindly put their EDL resources on here so thank you! Just added a few other bits to make it hopefully funny and relevant for year 9 but it could be adapted for any year group. Here are the YouTube links to 3 of the 4 videos, can&'t find the 4th!
By louisahoff

European Day of Languages

PPT for European Day of Languages including 'rebus&' game and phrases in Finnish to introduce with games
By wealj002

European Day of Languages Greetings

Word Document with some possible Greetings that can be used for EDL Day; Spanish, French, German and other Languages
By pogo_stick

European Day of Languages - Heart Displays

Each heart contains some phrases of a specific language. They were used to adorn the school during European Day of Languages to encourage students and staff to converse in a foreign language.
By Jordon Owen

Lesson ideas

There are plenty of ways for you to celebrate the language diversity of Europe within the classroom. Encourage a little healthy competition among your students with a quiz or a game, or further discover some of our most familiar languages with these stimulating classroom activities.


European Day of Langs: German compound nouns

Being displayed on digital screens around school as our focus on EDL is German. Just a bit of fun!
By knotty80

Teaching Ideas: European Day Of Languages

Teaching Ideas for the European Day Of Languages - I have cut and pasted two years’ thread from the staffroom forum to condense all the ideas for EDL (MFL).
By whapbapboogy

European Day of Languages QR Code Quiz - updated!

This quiz contains ten simple general knowledge questions and pupils need to scan the QR codes (I put them up around the room) to find the answers. Each code has a letter assigned to it so even if the pupils know some of the answers already, they still need to find the letter.

This quiz can also be used as a starting point for a bit of research using the iPads. For example, question four asks pupils to find the country that is in both Europe and Asia. Once the quiz is over (or as a filler while others are finishing), they could be asked to find five interesting facts about Turkey to share with the rest of the class.

- Question sheet
- Answer sheet
- QR codes

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European Day of Languages Board Game
European Day of Languages Design Your Own Flag

For amazing French and Spanish resources visit lovelanguage.
By lisadominique

European Day of Languages 2017 Board Game

A fantastic board game (think along the lines of Cranium) to celebrate European Day of Languages. Designed to try to appeal to every pupil in the classroom, there are both skill tasks and question cards with pupils being given the opportunity to write and form letters using unknown alphabets, say words in both new and familiar languages and answer general knowledge questions.

- Pupils play in small groups of 2-6 players.
- Place all the question and skill cards face down in the correct place on the board.
- Pupils choose a star to start on.
- Roll the dice, the pupil with the highest number starts.
- Pupils take it in turns to roll the dice and move clockwise around the board.
- If a pupil lands on “Q”, another player picks up the “Q” card and asks them the question. If the pupil answers the question correctly they get to keep the card.
- If a pupil lands on “S” they pick up the “S” card and complete the skill. If the pupil completes the skill they get to keep the card.
- If a pupil lands on the dice they get to roll again.
- There is no finish position. The game continues until all the cards have been won or time is up and the person with the most cards wins.

- Game board (print on 4 pieces of A4)
- Full, easy to understand instructions
- Question cards
- Additional blank cards for your own questions
- Skill cards
- A5 support cards for plasticine task
- Blank flag counters

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European Day of Languages QR Code Quiz
European Day of Languages Design Your Own Flag

For amazing French and Spanish resources visit lovelanguage.
By lisadominique

Spelling Bee for European Day of Languages

Spelling Bee PowerPoint and lesson plan to cover one or two lessons. In our school we celebrate the Euro Day of Langs with a Spelling Bee for Year 7 of words from French, Spanish, German, Italian, Norwegian, and Croatian. This would need adapting to your school but is a suggested outline of how to conduct a year group-wide spelling bee.
By aevbruce

European Day of Languages

A set of resources to introduce a few words and phrases in five European languages. Pupils use these to complete the speech comic strips and then practice the words and phases.
By andytheedom

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