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Flora Michti
14th June 2019
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Find inspiration for next year’s French, Spanish and German lessons in this collection of popular planning ideas

Planning is a vital but time-consuming part of any teacher’s life. And, as you start to think about preparing for next academic year, the amount of work can feel overwhelming.

Before you let the panic set in, why not check out this hand-picked selection of lesson plans, schemes of work and presentations? Whether you want to start afresh, or simply supplement existing planning, we've got you covered.


Survivors - Sequence of French Lessons

A shipwrecked themed sequence of 8 lessons including: Relationships, Daily Routine, Chores, Negative structures, Reflexive verbs, Imperfect, Preterit, Present and Future tenses. The unit also includes an ICT lesson on La Francophonie and a lesson on Le Seisme de Haiti 2010. Lessons were planned for a mixed ability Year 9 group, differentiated from level 4 to level 7 but unit could equally be used with Year 10/11. There is also a Spanish version of this resource on my page.
By paloma_blanca

Scheme of Work Template - Colour Coded

Here is the template I have used to make my SOW, in case anyone wants it for their own. Saves changing the font colours all the time!
By kitty87

Key Stage 3 French - Me, my family and friends - New GCSE style activities

This 58 page booklet (including answers) contains new GCSE style reading, writing, speaking and translation questions for Key Stage 3 students.
This booklet contains activities on the topic of Me, my family and friends, from the AQA theme Identity and Culture.
There are 6 subtopics: Introducing myself, family members, pets, physical appearance, personality and relationships.
For each of these subtopics, there are 6 activities: a reading task, translation (short paragraph) from French into English, sentences to translate from English into French, a writing task (short passage similar to the foundation writing exam), a photo (like in the foundation writing exam) and a role-play.
There are also 6 extension activities which bring together all of the subtopics: a longer reading task, a paragraph translation from English into French, a 90-word task, a 150-word task and a photo card (like in the speaking exam).
This booklet can be used in KS3 or for revision in KS4 (foundation). It can either be used to supplement work in lessons as you teach the topic of me, my family and friends, or for assessments. It could also be set as cover work, as the answers are included.
A free sample of the booklet is available here:

By katelanguages

KS2 Beginners French Scheme of Work (1 year)

An entire year of French lessons for complete beginners. Perfect for using with KS2.

The following are included in the scheme of work:

  • 30 PDF lesson plans split into 6 units
  • ALL resources needed to teach the lessons
  • A PowerPoint with new vocabulary for every lesson (These are not editable. Click ‘Read Only’ to open.)
  • Unit overview outlining topics included
  • Curriculum coverage which shows how EVERY element of the KS2 languages curriculum is covered

The plans all give details of a starter, how to teach the new vocabulary, followed by a combination of listening activities, speaking activities, reading/writing activities and plenary. Each lesson is highly interactive and allows children to practise a range of language skills.

The following topics are covered:
Unit 1 - Greetings and Introductions
Unit 2 - Age and Appearance
Unit 3 - Family Members, Clothing and Pets
Unit 4 - Food and Drink
Unit 5 - Hobbies and Interests
Unit 6 - Holidays/Vacations
**Fantastic value **
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(This scheme of work is also available as single lessons, units or smaller bundles on the Blossoming Minds shop)

By Blossoming Minds



These GERMAN VERBS cards and workbooks feature 297 high-frequency GERMAN verbs in the infinitive form. They offer an interactive and communicative alternative to 'traditional' vocabulary and grammar drilling activities. The games and activities really do help to create a lively and multi-skill language learning environment. My students have always really enjoyed working and learning independently with each other, and found it a really successful way of embedding vocabulary.

The alphabetical GERMAN-English reference lists of all 297 verbs work well as a year-round learning support resource. The cards are versatile, and can be used for a number of language learning games; I’ve described several games and activities that have worked well with my students. They're great for a ready-made quick vocab quiz too! The game card template lets students to apply their knowledge of GERMAN verbs a little more practically as they create cards for each other.

There are 3 differentiated recall challenges. For the first, students recall and write the English verb from a GERMAN verb prompt. The verbs are in alphabetical order. With the second challenge, the GERMAN verbs are in random order. The third challenge gives an English prompt, and students recall and write the corresponding GERMAN verb. I give my students regular opportunities to revisit the games and workbooks, and to note their progress on the NOTES AND NEXT STEPS template.

The cards do take a bit of prep – printing, laminating and cutting out. It's really worth the effort though, as the cards last for years! The workbook has 18 pages, and is print and photocopy.

Each set is available separately for £3.00. This pack has 6 non-editable files in a zipped format. Please read the TERMS OF USE carefully: the resource is copyright, all rights reserved. It may not be copied, rewritten, shared or distributed in any way. The license for purchase is a single-user license only.

By LivelyLearning

Humanitäre Hilfe

A2 / Pre-U War and Peace topic. Authentic materials which include listening, reading skills and an authentic writing task. Grammar foci adjective / case endings and verbalisation / nominalisation. Includes solutions.
By regange

German planning

termly plan, scheme of work
By lumpyformby

Topic based vocabulary - GCSE German Stimmt 9-1

This are 6 week vocabulary learning plans to go with GCSE German Stimmt 9-1. There is one for module 1, 2,3 and 6. I give them to students at the start of each module and have a regular vocabulary test day. I also share them with parents.
By littlesaur1


Yr 7 Spanish SoW & UoW

1) This year's SoW overview (to be used alongside Mira 1). 2) Autumn term UoW in more detail. 3) Pupil skills tracker (inspired by rhawkes&' tracker) 4) Pupil&';s learning mat to support Autumn UoW.
By K. Meyrick

WJEC AS Spanish Scheme of Work

This is a particularly detailed Scheme of Work for AS Spanish - specifically WJEC. Resources for this board are few and far between so hopefully this will help someone! Lots of this is resourced from my own files, but there are also references to the Animo textbook and grammar workbook and popular languages websites. I'll be updating this shortly to include more references from different books and sites, and adding an A2 SoW. In the meantime hopefully this will be of use!
By nicp60

GCSE Spanish Vocabulary Tests - All Units

A collection of vocbulary tests covering all units. Vocabulary taken from the new specification. Pupils will be tested in both Spanish and English.
By MySpanishTutor

Spanish GCSE AQA Foundation Speaking Handbook

A unit of work to help students prepare for the upcoming that can be used in class or as independent revision. It has many hours worth of activities and encourages progress through low stakes testing and spaced learning, as well as providing sample answers and vocabulary and key language support.
The handbook describes each task in the AQA speaking exam, including success criteria, and provides sample questions and answers. Tasks are designed to build confidence and knowledge.
Support in the form of a knowledge capture sheet is given in a separate document.
There is enough here to cover all lessons and independent learning in the run up to the AQA speaking exam at the beginning of May , especially if adequate time is given for self-testing (which I strongly recommend).

By allowitmissman

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