Introducing topics in the geography classroom

Sian Evans
10th January 2017
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Top explanatory lessons to give students the basic knowledge for studying a new topic

Clearly explaining new ideas and helping your students to grasp the basics of a new topic in the first lesson is incredibly important. After all, you only get one chance to make a good impression and to avoid a new topic being categorised as difficult or dull from the outset.

From natural hazards to population movement, make sure that the opening lessons of a new unit are a success with this hand-picked selection of resources.

KS3 lessons

Learn about what tourism is, why it is increasing and the effect is has on the world with this comprehensive presentation. Alternatively, inspire individuals to become experts in a natural hazard and share that knowledge with their peers using this introductory activity.

Or, use this illustrated presentation to investigate the key features of a good settlement and ask learners to design their own. 

KS4 and post-16 resources

Examine the reasons for studying coasts along with the power of constructive and destructive waves with this informative presentation, which includes a case study on the White Cliffs of Dover. Similarly, sticking with UK case studies, discover the history of National Parks with this detailed resource pack, designed to help students understand their purpose and how they support tourism.

Finally, this lesson clearly explores the causes of earthquakes and how they are measured so that learners can gain a solid understanding of how plate boundaries work.  

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