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01st June 2020
world oceans day resources

Celebrate World Oceans Day and educate students about ocean conservation with this selection of KS3 and KS4 geography resources 

Monday 8 June marks World Oceans Day which is a global day of ocean celebration. World Oceans Day promotes the need for everyone to honour, protect and maintain a healthy ocean with its core aim being to raise awareness of the environment threats to our oceans and educate people on the significance of what having a healthy ocean means to mankind.

Plastic pollution of oceans: presentation

Lesson plan addressing problem of plastic pollution of world's oceans
Created for geography secondary class
Can be adapted for different secondary ages
By john_maslen1

Plastic pollution - oceans

A lesson based upon Geography in the News - The River Tame has the highest amount of plastic in the World!

Then moves on to the Ocean -
How did it get there?
What are the effects?
How can we stop this?

Was aimed at Y7 but can be adapted.

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By penny_l_potts

Oceans and Continents- worksheet

A simple but useful worksheet for Year 7 Geography to use as a starter at the beginning of the semester and/or for revision.
By gcmem

Continents and Oceans Task Cards

These task cards are a great way for students to practice their skills with identifying the continents and oceans.

In this activity students are to identify each of the seven continents and five oceans as shown within a map of the world. Other questions are included such as: what continent is the largest?
By ScienceSpot


Let’s learn about Tsunamis!

These NO PREP materials contain informative exercises about tsunamis. Lots of puzzles and other fun activities are included to make it a fun class. The answers and an answer sheet are included.

Page 1-2: Introduction to tsunamis
Page 3-4: How do tsunamis form?
Page 5: Dangerous tsunamis in history
Page 6: Interesting facts
Page 7-8: How to survive a tsunami?
Page 9: Word Search
Page 10: Reflection

Extra: Natural Disasters Word Search with pictures!

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Volcanic Eruptions

You can save money by purchasing the bundle!
Natural Disasters Bundle

tsunami, tidal waves, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tides, Ring of Fire, Japan, tectonic plates, coastline, crust, Indonesia, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Tohoku Earthquake, mega waves, wave train, run-up, inundation

By willemmacau


Let’s learn about <strong>Oceans</strong>!

This worksheet includes 18 pages with a wide variety of activities and exercises about the oceans. The materials have informative exercises about the things that are related to the oceans, such as the ocean tides, the rising sea level, tsunami, whales, over-fishing and many other things! Crosswords, word searches, puzzles and other kinds of activities are included to make it a fun and interesting class.

<strong>Overview: </strong>
Page 1-2: Introduction to the oceans
Page 3: Ocean tides
Page 4: Oceans and climate
Page 5: Rising sea level
Page 6-7: The Great Barrier Reef
Page 8-9: Strange looking creatures
Page 10: Tsunami
Page 11-12: Sharks
Page 13-14: Whales
Page 15-16: Over-fishing
Page 17: Animals
Page 18: Reflection

The answers and an answer sheet are included.

You can save money by purchasing the Geography Bundle!
Geography Bundle (Nature, Oceans and Natural Disasters)

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Oceans (fun stuff)
Natural Disasters

Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Southern Ocean, continents, Ocean tides, Moon, CO2, Rising sea level, Conveyor belt, Coral reef, Sea animals, Tsunami, Sharks, Whales, Over-fishing.

By willemmacau

World of Oceans Two-Page Activity Set and Word Search

Learn about the world's oceans, their underwater features, the gifts they provide humans with, and what you can do to fight water pollution, all with this Two-Page Activity Set! This product also includes a Word Search Puzzle filled with dozens of words that appear in the Activity Set, in order to reinforce ocean-related vocabulary.

Keywords: ocean | oceans | seas | World Ocean | Earth Day | pollution | oceanography | oceanographers | life | topography
By ReadingClubFun

Be A Part of World Ocean Day

Encounter Edu links curriculum aligned education with global burning issues to inspire STEM careers and encourage environmental stewardship. Learn more about what we do at or by visiting our TES Shop, filled with quality, free of charge resources.

Introduce your students to the oceans! A 60-min lesson with practical activities suitable for 11-14 year olds, replicating the work of scientists on the Catlin Arctic Survey 2010-11. The scientists camped on the frozen sea ice for two months to examine what changes are occurring to phytoplankton and zooplankton in the oceans’ current state, as well as if they were to become more acidic.
Includes three simple practical activities:
what’s happening
the impact it may have on specific marine organisms
the impact on the larger food web.

By Encounter Edu

The importance of Oceans

This lesson is aimed at KS3 students, it is the first in a series of 8 lessons on oceans.

By marvmartin95

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