Teaching for mastery: What is mastery?

An introduction to the Teaching for Mastery collection on Tes and what it means to master maths

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Find out how to deepen primary pupils’ understanding of maths using the mastery approach

Mastery in primary maths is being talked about all across the country. And with an ethos of making sure that every child achieves, it’s not hard to see why! Whether you’re a mastery expert or just looking to find out more, we’ve got your back with our new Teaching for mastery site.

Not only does it break down conceptual journeys into digestible chunks, it also houses schemes of work in line with the National Curriculum, as well as quality-assured resources to download for inspiration or take straight into your lessons. What more could you ask for?

What does mastery mean in the primary maths classroom? 

Inspired by teaching approaches developed in Singapore and Shanghai, mastery is an inclusive way of teaching that is grounded in the belief that all pupils can achieve in maths. A concept is deemed mastered when learners can represent it in multiple ways, can communicate solutions using mathematical language and can independently apply the concept to new problems.

Teaching for mastery supports National Curriculum objectives, but spends more time reinforcing number before progressing to more difficult areas of mathematics. Check out our guide to mastery for a more in-depth explanation.

What can you find on Tes?

Teaching for masteryis a site of two halves. Firstly, there is understanding. It offers teachers a theoretical understanding of the progression in learning for 18 key mathematical topics, breaking them down into digestible chapters. Each chapter works as a step-by-step approach to teaching a topic and is ideal for teachers who want to study an area, such as fractions, in greater depth for their own professional development.

Second, there is teaching content. Tes has partnered with specialists Mathematics Mastery and the White Rose Hub, who have contributed detailed schemes of workfor Year 1 to 6 to ease your planning.  These schemes are supported by hand-picked, quality-assured resources from both partner organisations, as well as content already available on Tes.   

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