Top 10 subitising resources for EYFS

Helen Beevers
09th January 2019

Resources to support subitising in the EYFS classroom

Subitising is the ability to instantly recall the number of objects or images without needing to count them individually and it is an important skill for young children to practise and develop. So, to support you in delivering subitising lessons, we have gathered together a collection of our most popular subitising resources.

Subitising Powerpoint

A very simple Subitising Powerpoint. Select the time that each slide is on screen -1.5,2,3 seconds -click to play. The slide show will randomly choose 1 of 38 random slides with dots, then move on. It will run through 20 slides and return to start. Children call out how many dots they see. Rate and comments please (email on last slide for any problems) Ta
By BarryP

Addition subitising cards - making a friendly 10

To encourage our children to think of doing 9 + 3 as 10 + 2 I have made a set of cards (2 per page) - the big idea that making a friendly number is a good strategy and to stop counting by ones. It also doesn’t matter what the group size is (ie what each dot is worth) eg 90 + 30 = 100 + 20 or what the value of the other digits are eg 39 + 3 = 40 + 2

Some options are to choose to look at the cards which make a friendly 10 (6 + 4, 9 + 1…), or you can keep the number in the frame constant and look at what happens when you add different numbers (9 + 3, 9 + 5, 9 + 7) or look at keeping the number outside the frame constant and the number inside the frame changes (9 + 5, 6 + 5, 7 + 5)

I hope the cards help your students with their being able to picture the numbers they need to add. Thanks C :)
29/01 double of 6 + 9 removed.
17/10 cards with formatting adjusted.

By Christine Lenghaus

Maths Mastery - Subitising - get the 'feel' of a number - quick fire warm up powerpoint

A great start to your lesson - starting simple with 1, 2, 3 lollies - children shout out how many there are as quickly as they can. Moving on to dots.... more and more dots until we get up to 10 dots in different arrangements. Children begin to get a 'feel' for amounts and use pattern recognition (eg dice dot arrangements) to use as a strategy to help them calculate amounts quickly.

Use the slideshow function to move quickly from slide to slide. You can even use the timer on slideshow to speed up or slow down the slides.
By Hexenkind

Subitising cards 0 to 20 with dots on reverse, 1 more, 2 less etc and a blank

These cards are designed to give students quick practise on numbers 0-20 (or whatever range you are working with). Print and laminate so you or your students can use with each other/class maybe as exit ticket or warm-up. They are designed to fold in half whether you cut them out or not. If you photocopy each set onto different coloured paper you can have multiple sets.
There are prompts so that if you want to do more than recognise the number, you can put up the card that says 10 more or double… or use the blank to make up your own.
If you look at the card the right way up, it will be the right way up for the person on the other side.
Dots are coloured or in black.
No computers required :)

8/10/18 realised in coloured cards, 15 wasn’t coloured correctly so I have updated.

By Christine Lenghaus

Matching Numbers and Symbols - Subitising

Activity worksheet. Cutting and sticking.

Recognising numbers 1-10 in different forms - includes numbers, word, ten squares and dice.

I've used it with EYFS and Year 1. But it would also be a good activity for SEN
By helenmchapman

Math Subitising Subitizing Anchor Chart Poster 1 -10 Black and White

A 1 - 10 subitisung poster for preschool to lower primary students. This poster can be used as a ready reference for desk use or for wall display for whole class reference. It shows numbers 1 to 10 in different subitised formats along with the words for numbers. Children having difficulties in seeing and counting with dice dots for example may see the number more clearly by looking at the finger representation.
By Granita7

Winter / Christmas subitising maths game

Have fun practising subitising with your class with this festive maths mastery game for the interactive whiteboard!

Subitising is the ability to instantly count a small quantity without needing to count each individual item and plays an important part in early ‘number sense’, building solid foundations for later addition and subtraction.

This PowerPoint resource contains 5 variations of the subitising game, including less Christmassy versions (snow foxes, gingerbread men and brussel sprouts).

In the game, between 1 and 6 objects are displayed briefly on the screen and the children have to subitise (count instantaneously) how many objects they have seen. The images and the corresponding number are shown when you are ready by clicking the slide. I get my class to write their answer on an individual whiteboard before we check it on the big screen.

The first 3 versions contain regular patterns of the numbers 1 - 6 (as you would see on a dice) for perceptual subitising and the final 2 versions contain irregular arrangements to support the development of conceptual subitising.

My Year R class love these animated slides and I hope your children enjoy them too!
Happy teaching!

By Katharine7

Subitising Dot Patterns - How Many Bubbles?

Subitising is the instant recognition of patterns of shapes to be able to determine a number. There are many different ways in which we all see these patterns and they are a lively discussion topic for any primary grade class to determine how we interpret these displays of dots.

I encourage you to view this dot number talk by Jo Boaler in one of her many inspirational presentations where she works through this concept with a middle primary group of students.

This download comes with both a PowerPoint presentation and a PDF version with 27 slides/pages (including credits and terms of use).

As the slides increase in difficulty the students transfer their knowledge from class discussions and can readily determine a quite complex display of dots on a page.

The graphics are engaging and visually inviting for students with some wonderful clipart from Manny's Sketchpad .

A useful addition to any Maths Teaching resource kit for primary school teaching.
By Nikki Tester

Dot Pattern Cards with Emoji Transitions - Subitising Extension

How to use this resource

Subitising is the ability to recognise patterns of dots instantly without having to count them. This is integrated into the Early Mathematical framework as a basis for building further strategic thinking after the Emergent Stage. Counting by ones can often be a strategy that can be a hard one to shift with some learners. Ongoing exposure to these regular patterns can be useful to lead on to more complex strategies.

The following cards are an extension of this basic concept, the students look for those patterns within a larger group in order to get a notion of combining groups of patterns in order to ‘see’ a larger number without having to count.

The following video is an excellent example of how to open discussions with your students and encourage them to explain their mathematical thinking. Simply click onto this link, or the image to watch the presentation. You can ask your students to ‘draw’ an image of what they see, or simply discuss this in pairs, groups, or a teacher led discussion. (Counting by one is not encouraged with this activity).

You will get both a powerpoint and PDF presentation

65 pages in each
By Nikki Tester

Subitising below 10 and to 20

Addition using subitising. Powerpoint and associated activities.
Activity could be edited so the children have to record their own number sentence and show using the 10 frame or children could be given a sum and have to show this using the 10 frame.

This could be used within the Early Years below 10 and in KS1 to 20.

Add comments if this is useful to you and I will create similar resources :)
By holt_becci

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