Unearthing new topics with your geography classes

Sian Evans
21st September 2018
Multiple globes to demonstrate unearthing new geography topics with KS3, KS4 and post-16 students

Introductory presentations and lesson ideas that will get your students excited about studying new topics

At the time of year when every topic you teach is new for all of your classes, finding straightforward ways to introduce broad themes and capture learners’ attention is essential.

From investigating natural hazards to contemplating the reasons behind migration, we’ve hand-picked introductory resources that are ideal for setting the scene.

Physical geography resources

Dive into lessons on coasts with this introductory presentation, which starts to examine significant locations along the UK coastline by testing learners’ map skills. Plus, this easy-to-understand introduction is ideal for covering the three different types of rocks with KS3 classes.

Or why not take an analogous approach to exploring plate tectonics with this easy to understand presentation, likening the structure of our planet to an everyday object, an egg. For older learners, this comprehensive glacier presentation explains how these landforms are created and the key terms students need to know to explore the topic in more depth.


Introduction to the coast

An introductory lesson in a key stage 3 'coasts&' scheme of work.
By becki quigley

Introduction to Types of Rocks - Full Presentation

Full lesson / presentation to provide students into the understanding of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks.
By s0910796

tectonic plates

Powerpoint presentation to help ks3 students to understand more about tectonic plates.
By 999001


water, landforms, glaciers, erosion, deposition
By maggiesalgado

Human geography resources

Help pupils understand what development means and consider factors that determine how a country is defined using this well-structured presentation. Alternatively, explore the global impact of holidays with this tourism resource pack, in which students consider why people travel to particular places with worksheets for each of the 7 wonders of the world.  

Approach the complex topic of population using this clear presentation that will prompt discussion on predicting global trends. On a similar note, introduce young learners to the geographical significance of immigration with this ready-to-use lesson.


Unequal lives - an introduction to development.

I use this as an introduction lesson to the development unit. It looks at the idea that people around the world have unequal lives. It poses the question 'are we lucky&'. It also offers scope for debate on whether people who have it all are happy.
By geogteacherbill

Impact of tourism: 7 Wonders

Students explore the impacts of tourism by focusing on the seven wonders of the world. Detailed worksheets included for each of the seven. Can be used for group work. Comments are appreciated.
By maxblackburn

Introduction to population trends

population trends statistics

By zacune

Introduction to Migration

This can be used for KS3, average difficulty level with room to adapt for less/ more able with relatively little work. There are lots of opportunities to address stereotypes and get into some good debates about migration. It begins to challenge pupil's ways of thinking, making it a great start to the topic.
By Julie Martin

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