Unearthing new topics with your geography classes

Hand-picked introductory resources to introduce new geography topics including natural hazards, rivers, and population.

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Introductory presentations and lesson ideas for secondary geography

At the time of year when every topic you teach is new for all of your classes, finding straightforward ways to introduce broad themes and capture learners’ attention is essential. From investigating natural hazards to population, we’ve hand-picked introductory resources for secondary students you could use in the classroom.

A Level Physical Geography Knowledge Organisers

A Level Physical Geography Knowledge Organisers

Contains the bare essentials for each of physical geography topics. They do not pretend to include everything. They are fully editable - If you use and adapt them, please do not sell them. I would recommend that you check them before distribution - I am only human. There are 4 A3 double-sided sh...
Rivers: Erosion and Transportation

Rivers: Erosion and Transportation

AQA GCSE Geography lesson for the new specification Unit 1C: In this lesson we look at erosion, transportation and deposition. The starter is "which row is the odd one out". The pupils need to work out which row has an incorrect term in. Just gets them thinking. We then look at erosion a...
Human Geography First Thoughts

Human Geography First Thoughts

This FREE resource to get students thinking about what human geography entails, is ideal for KS3 or KS4. It can be used as a starter or plenary activity, extension work, homework or some end-of-term fun! It could even be used as a STAND-ALONE COVER LESSON! It allows students to engage in Geography ...