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Learning Russian Bundle

Learning Russian Bundle

Are you learning Russian? Are you looking for fun pictures to go with your learning? I have created 57 different settings to talk about. I have made the worksheets into different games. The worksheets themselves are in English but you would learn by translating the words and objects you can see in each picture into Russian and with a Russian teacher, you could have an interesting conversation about each set of images.

By peterfogarty

Grammar  exercises

Grammar exercises

Grammar exercises :Irregular Verbs, Articles "a-an-the", Great Present Simple Set, HAVE GOT or HAS GOT, HE SHE IT, I have got.. Who has got?, Linking words, MIXED TENSES, One or ones, PASSIVE VOICE, Present perfect tense, Present simple tense boardgame, Present Simple, Present Continuous exercise, Question words, Some or any

By Olynj